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Vietnamese Curried Tofu Noodle Bowl Recipe

Tuck into a Vietnamese Curried Tofu Noodle Bowl – so fresh and delicious. Rice noodles and quick-pickled vegetables topped with pan-fried sweet and salty curried tofu, drizzled with a spicy maple lime dressing.

Vietnamese Tofu Noodle Bowls with quick pickled veggies, vermicelli noodles and fresh herbs

These Vietnamese inspired Curried Tofu Noodle Bowls are perfect for when you want a fresh and light healthy meal. Which for me is every day during summer! These colorful vegan bowls are a cross between a Vietnamese Noodle Salad and a curry tofu bowl as they feature cooked cold vermicelli rice noodles, pan-fried curried tofu, lettuce, and veggies, and a refreshing spicy maple lime dressing.

Vietnamese tofu noodle bowls drizzled with sweet spicy maple lime dressing

Even though there are several elements to making a tofu noodle bowl, there is very little work involved. We just want to remember to press the tofu! Marinating it is not necessary as we simply pan-fry the pressed tofu wedges along with a sweet and salty curry sauce.

The pickled veggies can be made in advance and stored in the fridge. The pickling process is super easy. In fact, they are done in an hour or two and last weeks when stored in the fridge. Make lots because they are the perfect side dish to burgers and an amazing addition to all your favorite bowls.



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  • Curried Tofu for Banh Mi
  • Sticky Sesame tofu
  • Palak Tofu Paneer
  • Tofu Lalabdar – Tofu with Creamy Tomato ginger sauce

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