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Potato Pepper Fry

A simple yet flavorful South Indian Potato Pepper Stir-fry which is super addictive with loads of black pepper and a simple tempering /tadka. Serve this easy vegan dish with Dals or sambar and rice or flatbreads or dosa. Or just eat up as is! So good. Gluten-free! 

a plate with South Indian Potato Pepper Fry sprinkled with cilantro

Oftentimes when sitting down to dinner we wish there was a more exciting, more zesty side dish to go with our main.
Enter this South Indian potato pepper stir-fry! If potatoes are your thing and you have run out of new exciting ways of making them in a manner that is simple and not overly time-consuming, this recipe is for you!

Pan-fried potatoes with a South-Indian twist that should interest you.

overhead shot of a pan with pan-fried potatoes and onion sprinkled with cilantro

What lends this potato fry its special flavor are curry leaves, red onion, black pepper and mustard seeds. Mustard seeds are widely used in Indian cooking, and when roasted in hot oil, infuse the oil with a delicious flavor. To learn how to roast mustard seeds, follow my Indian cooking series on my tik tok or Instagram!

When cooking with them they are added at the start of the dish and fried until they being to pop and release their unique flavour and add a nutty taste to the dish.

a frying pan with potatoes sprinkled with cilantro

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Shahi Tukda (Crisp syrup soaked toasts with Indian Rabri custard)

Try Shahi Tukda – a royal dessert that is easy to whip up! Baked buttered slices of bread soaked in cardamom-scented syrup and topped with vegan cashew saffron Rabri custard.

a plate of vegan toast soaked with syrup and covered with custard

Shahi Tudka – I think of this as a Royal French toast. But it’s actually more of a dessert than a breakfast food. It’s a sweet Mughlai dessert often made by frying bread in ghee (clarified butter) or oil, then soaked in a cardamon scented sugar syrup then topped with Indian Rabri. The Rabri which is a saffron scented thickened milk pudding can be made thick or thin and the bread soaked in it completely or served with the Rabri topping.

In this Vegan version and my lighter take of shahi tukda, I bake the bread. Baking toasts the bread evenly. You can use a toaster too, but the bread doesn’t toast evenly or fry out enough and can get soggy quickly that way. I make a thick custard like Rabri with all the same delicious flavors and assemble and serve.

three plates with toast bread soaked in syrup and topped with custard

I bake the sliced bread instead of frying, and then coat it in some sugar syrup and top it with a delicious vegan rabri. Oooh, la la!

Despite the sugar syrup, it’s not a cloyingly sweet dessert as Indian mithai tend to be. It’s creamy and delicious with the crisp toast lightening it up.

This is a great dessert to serve during Ramadan. Its easy delicious and festive.
Don’t have saffron? Use cardamom instead or use other flavors like rose or vanilla.

sliced Shahi Tukda brushed with cardamom syrup and topped with custard and sprinkled with pistachio

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The post Shahi Tukda (Crisp syrup soaked toasts with Indian Rabri custard) appeared first on Vegan Richa.

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