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Dhaba Style Butter Dal (vegan)

The best recipe for Dhaba-Style Butter Dal made with red lentils and a restaurant-style tempering! Super rich but there is no cream in this. Try it! Gluten-free Soyfree Nutfree

Indian butter daal served with rice on a plate

Coming at you with the best butter dal ever! This dal is a famous dish straight from a Dhaba in my hometown. For those who don’t know, Dhabas are little roadside restaurants serving simple yet flavorful and rustic dishes. They are an essential and vibrant component of the Indian food scene.

As compared to five-star restaurants, Dhabas have their own charm and lure and so does this dal. Minimalistic ingredients but bang-on flavor. This dhaba style butter dal always impresses us. After all, all of us sometimes want a big old bowl of comfort food and this dal is just that.

It’s called Butter dal because the Dhaba fries the dal in hot spiced butter  before serving.

a pan with vegan butter dal sprinkled with cilantro

Butter dal is a perfect and delicious Indian dal.   This recipe just happens to be onion and garlic free. It’s one of those recipes that doesnt use them by default. Street vendors don’t always have refrigeration, and Onion and garlic in the tropical heat can get quite smelly so some chefs just make the dishes without them.

why you will love this vegan butter dal!

  • it’s an easy but super delicious dollar.
  • It is highly allergy friendly gluten-free nut free soy free.
  • It also is allium free and doesn’t use any onion and garlic and is Jain friendly.
  • uses mostly common Indian spices. Use whichever you have.
  • The dal can be served with rice or corn greens, with roti or naan, or baked potato, or as a soup.

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vegan butter daal served with rice and chopped with cilantro

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