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Book Update, Table of Contents, Reviews and 4K to Charities

I wanted to write up a short update on how my Instant pot book is doing, and give you a peak at the recipe list!

🎉 Table of contents is now available as part of look inside feature on Amazon!

🎉🎉 Reviews are coming in and the verdict is delicious!

🎉🎉🎉 Tell us about your favorite charity. I will send $1k on your behalf!

🎉🎉🎉🎉 ICYMI – An instagram live for the book, my very first!

Let’s get started!

TOC is now available as part of Look Inside feature 

This book has been #1 Best Seller in Indian Cooking, Food and Wine since release day on Amazon. Thank you ❤️ to everyone who got it, made food and reviewed it!. Below is the look inside that has gone live, this means you can browse the table of content before you decide to buy. Amazon Preview below

Here are the TOC photos.

Reviews are coming in and the verdict is delicious!

Reviews are coming in on amazon and other retailers and I love reading them as it tells me that you all are cooking from the book and loving it. Please leave a review as they not only help the book with better distribution, but help others to make up their mind about getting it. They also make me very happy 🙂
Nuggets below from current ones.


A NEW BAR FOR ALL IP BOOK WRITERS! …If there’s a book prize for cookbooks, this book should be the 2022 winner—hands down!


This book is by far my favorite of all of the IP cookbooks I’ve bought or checked out. I love that there are so many Indian recipes but also a ton of non-Indian one.


Just made the mushroom risotto- using a mixture of baby spinach and chard. So delicious and easy to make. This will be a weeknight staple for sure.


The kids love her recipes. This book is full of new recipes to fall in love with. The lasagna soup… adored by the family! The ‘Sweet and sour chickpeas’ recipe is so so perfect! Every bite gobbled! THANK YOU!! Yum!


I have four different Instant Pot cookbooks and they can be hit or miss on timing sometimes, or on how well the flavors stand up to the pressure cooking. This cookbook is hands down one of the best I’ve ever used in terms of being easy, reliable, and delicious. I am a HUGE fan, and if I had one instant pot cookbook it would be this one.


This book is amazing! So many flavors and different cultures of food in one huge book.


Richa’s flavors, attention to detail, and care shine through this book. Her first book is my gold standard. This book promises to be just as wonderful. Buy it – you cannot go wrong with recipes from Richa!


Tell us about your favorite charity to get them $1k.

If you are long term reader of the blog, you know that we donate a portion of our proceeds from my book income to our favorite charities. Read more here. I want to donate some of the proceeds from this book to get to a meaningful milestone of all time! Our total is currently at 196k (donations since 2016). So about 4K to cross 200k this year! 


20k is in another fund, not added to the chart above.

I want to add 4 new charities to get $1k each.

Comment below or send me a mail about your favorite charity. And I will pick 4 for now. We add organizations every year so I’ll save the others to consider as well. The orgs we choose are goal oriented, have limited administrative and other expenses, are cognizant of the bigger picture to solve problems in a sustainable manner for the long run. Thanks in advance.

About 3000 more books to get there. We will cross that this year with the Instant pot cookbook!

How can you help? Buy the books, Review them, Ask local libraries to stock the books, also keep visiting the blog, and spread the love. ❤️

In case you missed it

I did a live on instagram cooking one of the dishes, my first one ever. 🤭 That was nerve wracking. Thankfully my legs allowed me to stay standing for that long. If my health permits, I’ll probably do more.


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That’s it for now. Onwards onto cooking more from the book this summer! Coz who wants to heat up the kitchen with the stove. Let’s use the instant pot 🙂

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